Brandscreen, not your ordinary DSP

Brandscreen offers a media-buying platform that empowers marketers to more effectively invest in programmatic digital media. Brandscreen has led innovation in technology-enabled digital media buying since creating one of the first demand side platforms (DSPs) in 2007. Since then, Brandscreen has continued to innovate - most recently delivering the industry's first digital-out-of-home (DOOH) marketplace! Brandscreen is well positioned to continue its innovation through agile and responsive collaboration with existing customers as well as proactive development of our market leading platform.


Our customer support and account teams win high praise from clients as fast, responsive and knowledgeable.

Local Knowledge

First in Asia means a long history of learning about markets – with teams on the ground that make a difference.


Technology is at the heart of our business, and helps us consistently outperform the competition.



Brandscreen continues to grow

Brandscreen has an amazing team, wonderful clients and a very bright future. So a year on from the Management Buy Out, its time to reflect on the Major Achievements of the last 12 months. Completed Management buy out from Zenovia. Acquired new customers including Enigma and Freshlime Assisted Audience Precision expansion. Grew team with the […]


Australian Management Team Acquires Asia Pacific Brandscreen Business

March 31, 2015 — Sydney , Australia  Zenovia Digital Exchange Corporation (“Zenovia”), owner of the Brandscreen demand-side platform (“DSP”) used by leading digital agencies, brand advertisers, and media trading desks, has sold its Australian subsidiary and associated assets and obligations, along with the Brandscreen platform to its Sydney-based management team and investor group for an undisclosed amount. […]

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What separates Demand Side Platforms?

Many will say it is the algorithms used by a DSP that set it apart but there is more in common with DSPs than there are differences and it is the things that set a DSP apart that are important when choosing where and how to spend your programmatic ad spend.